Posted by: maroonmaurader | March 19, 2010

YouTube and Viacom

Well worth a skim. In short – from the documents unearthed, YouTube’s founders deliberately (tacitly) supported illegal content to try and boost site views, with the goal of selling the company before it became a problem. Google was probably perfectly aware of this, but thought they could brazen it out by cutting a “going forward” deal with Viacom and others. Some copies of numerous relevant documents were mysteriously missing when Viacom requested them. On the other side, Viacom confused matters by secretly uploading their own videos under sock-puppet accounts, uploading low-res videos to make them look stolen, sending employees off-site so they could upload on computers not linked to Viacom, etc. And Viacom lawyers got so zealous with DMCA takedown notices they even got the official Viacom account temporarily frozen.


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