Posted by: Chris | February 20, 2010


Chris’s recommended viewing for the week: Archer.  A bizarrely inspired mixture of James Bond, Arrested Development and the good parts of Adult Swim, made by the guys behind Sea Lab 2021.  Seriously, just two episodes in right now, and it is already a keeper.  It might also mark the first time I have laughed at something Chris Parnell has said, a feat not even 30 Rock could not accomplish.

Plus, for those who care, the past few Burn Notices, up-to-and-including the no-longer-on-Hulu mid-season finale (but less so the episode that follows it, “A Dark Road”, which is good but not all that great) have been fantastic.  Like best-of-the-series good.  Basic cable is on a roll.  Hyphens.


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