Posted by: captainfalcon | February 10, 2010

“The Problem with non-Philosophers”

Is excellent* A Bryantesque whip-up speech for pedants. Speaking of that dry-ribbed breed, the title is no doubt elliptical for “TPWN-P (BOCTAOE),” which should undercut the objection that the post is so much parochialism. Money quote:

2) They [that is: non-philosophers BOCTAOE] seem incapable of focusing on a particular argument. They don’t realize that the only way to make progress is one step at a time. They tend to want to tackle everything about an issue all at once. So half-way through an argument, they will suddenly demand that you address some completely different point. (Especially if the previous argument wasn’t going well for them. Perhaps this is related to the intellectual dishonesty mentioned in #1 above.)


4) They constantly fail to understand how a point (e.g. an analogy or thought experiment) fits in to a particular argument, and instead insist on applying it more broadly — and then objecting when this irrelevant application fails! It’s so frustrating.*

* As is / is not Chappell’s blog – a voluminous compendium of good sense clearly expressed – generally.


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