Posted by: captainfalcon | February 1, 2010

Nobody Gives a Shit about Chris’s Continuing Investigation

1. FP fell out of my rotation. It’s back. Everyone should read Wolcock. I’ll stick him in our ‘roll.

2. Christoph can mine data-points until the cows come home (to the White House – data point). He won’t win because his investigation is predicated on the view that personalities matter in partisan politics. They don’t. Party affiliation matters in partisan politics. Ilya Somin – God help me – makes the point well:

Committed Red Sox fans who passionately root against the Yankees are unlikely to evaluate the evidence about these teams objectively. The authors of one recent history of the Red Sox and Yankees note that they chose not to write “a fair and balanced look at the Red Sox-Yankees ‘rivalry,’” because “neither author of this book wanted to represent the Yankees [sic] point of view. . . . Neither of us could bring ourselves to say enough complimentary things about [the Yankees] to fill the back of a matchbox, let alone half a book” (Nowlin and Prime 2004, 4). These writers probably differ from other committed fans more in their awareness of their own attitudes than in having such attitudes in the first place. Many Yankees fans no doubt feel the same way about the Red Sox. Similarly, Democratic partisans who hate George W. Bush, and Republicans who reflexively support him against all criticism, might well want to acquire information in order to augment the experience of cheering on their preferred political “team.”…This is confirmed by studies showing that people tend to use new information to reinforce their preexisting views on political issues, while discounting evidence that runs counter to them (Somin, 261).

Right now, Obama is the Democratic party. If he can be beaten by lionizing Hillary, then that’s what the right will do. They may even believe, and will for as long as it allows them to be good sports-fans, their (comparatively) pro-Clinton hogwash. But if she ever returns to the White House we’ll be hearing about how sorely Obama is missed.

(It’s also worth noting that the fact Hillary’s being compared favorably to Obama is a sign of the right’s continuing animosity towards her: “He’s so bad even Clinton -the gold standard of bad – is better!”)

3. So I got lured. Bravo, I guess.



  1. Good find. I see David Boaz has added another data point in support of my theory.

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