Posted by: Chris | January 31, 2010

Does the Right Really Hate the Clintons Anymore?

Another data point in our continuing investigation.

Update: Once you stumble upon a meme, you begin to see it everywhere.  Check out TWMittler’s comment in this article from FPBlog.

Update 2: BTW, I am not quite sure why FPBlog went out of vogue in these parts.  I have come across at least 4 or 5 Lure worthy posts tonight, and I haven’t even passed the first page.  I think I am going to add it to our Blogroll, if only to remind the Lure-kers where to go while waiting for a new post (also, hey Blogroll, didn’t see you there).



  1. I assume you all check there as well – so unless I have something to *add* to what an article says, I don’t put a link here.

  2. Sorry for the confusion JJ. That comment was pointed at the VA crowd. Or should I say the MD/DC crowd, as the VA crowd seems to just refer to me these days.

  3. I’ll be home for dinner.

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