Posted by: Chris | January 27, 2010

Liveblogging SotU

Anyone who is anyone knows that these days watching things is for losers, what with these twitter feeds and liveblogs and what not.  That’s a trend we at the Lure should get behind: contributing 140 character non sequitors and inadequate summaries every five minutes to meager audiences.  It looks enjoyable and is certainly sufficiently self-important to be a feature of this blog (who wants to just passively watch the leader of the free world talk when you can regularly butt in with leet speak?) 

However, I don’t want to actually watch the SotU address, mostly out of laziness and how boring it will likely be.  Besides, as mentioned earlier, watching things is for losers.  Seth Glickman would never be caught dead actually observing live events when he could be tweetering it on his iPad.  So I will get my Obama infos from the source I get all my infos on these sorts of things (Andrew Sullivan) and will be liveblogging the results here.  Others are welcome to join in.

Chris 8:18 – All’s quiet at the Dish.
Chris 9:09 – Obama gay for Timmy? Or is it a death grip?
Chris 9:16 – A little too quiet…
Chris 9:35 – Apologies. One of the deficits of being with it in this age of interwebs is that Cox and Netgear can double team to pwn you at any second. After some fruitless troubleshooting, I have migrated to the Pyongyang and the land line. Catching up…
Chris 9:38 – I see from Andrew that Obama is pushing back against the RNC/FNC spin re: the stimulus. I agree conditionally. I think, like Jim Manzi, the big flaw in Obama’s management of the stimulus bill was the focus on the end dollar amount rather than the layout and the timing of the money spent in the bill, footing the taxpayers with a stimulus that may have been in the Goldilocks range in terms of price, but far too strung out and larded up to be of optimal good.
Seth 9:42 – 2 many wrds/vowels. ‘Graphs not allowed.
Chris 9:44 – Also, I am kidding no one. I think these things because Jim Manzi thinks them.
Chris 9:45 – Small businesses are nice I guess. However, just because Obama includes some pat phrasing doesn’t mean he and ‘Drew see i2i. Every Democrat since Wilson murmers about small businesses from time to time. Its just too easy of an applause line.
Chris 9:47 – Re: energy. Don’t know what “seems just like McCain’s energy plan” means, but I guess I am enthused? Federal support for nuclear plants hopefully, in addition to loosening restrictions on offshore drilling. Or windmills. Andrew needs more specifics.
Chris 9:49 – Education. Another point where I agree with Andrew and I am glad Obama is highlighting Race-to-the-Top (I assume, again, details light). Best use of Ed. Dept. funds imaginable.
Chris 9:52 – Isn’t Obama always pretty relaxed when giving speeches? He’s a politician and a pro, plus teleprompters mumble mumble mumble. Andrew needs to praise harder.
Chris 9:52 – RE: Applause line. Not sure who these Americans are. The calm ones?
Chris 9:52 – Also, if he is reassuring us with realism, not dazzling with rhetoric isn’t he a) doing the opposite of candidate Obama and b) not living up to what everyone said he needed to do today?
Chris 9:54 – Andrew really has an imagination to rival James Cameron when it comes to thinking up ways Obama is awesome
Chris 9:55 – Andrew’s quote does indeed seem like a non-endorsement of the Senate bill and a lean towards drafting another compromise bill. But who knows. Its just one quote.
Chris 9:57 – RE: Belts and their tightening. Obama does not have the capacity to axe programs that dont work.
Chris 9:58 – It looks like we won’t be getting a dramatic entitlement reform this SotU. I hope Andrew pushes on.
Chris 9:59 – Apparently, Obama is a compassionate conservative. Which is a good thing now. Not quite sure why. Something about taking the blame for mistakes.
Chris 10:01 – In fact, I am quite confused how exactly Obama fits into Toryism based on the quotes thus excised. Unless Tory has become for Andrew another word for i luv u. Like the opposite of fascism.
Chris 10:03 – How would a political spectrum that runs from arch-Tory to arch-fascist really work exactly? I am sure there is some coherent explanation. I wonder if Mesopotamia has a fascist queen. Jane milky loads. Moving on.
Chris 10:05 – Is it over? I can’t tell. Andrew has stopped posting, but he could have fallen asleep or been attacked by Cox.
Chris 10:06 – Cox. Lol. Wiki doesn’t know how long it was supposed to be? Terror attack? I wonder who is president now.
Chris 10:07 – He’s back, and with an updated applause line as a header. Not sure how Obama exactly can criticize Washington politics. He knows he’s prez right?
Chris 10:09 – Let’s hope Andrew’s right about motivating D&Rs to get together, but it hasn’t exactly worked before.
Chris 10:09 – The Republican use of the filibuster does fail in some pretty basic game theory analysis. They must realize that at some point they will be a majority again, and will have to govern with a D party (if playing tit for tat) that will be as if not more so douchy with the filibuster as they are, but likely with a greater Sen. margin.
Chris 10:11 – Maybe they really believed the Dem’s permanent majority hyperbole, in which case everyone was stupid enough to pwn themselves.
Chris 10:12 – Andrew is taking forever to update.
Chris 10:14 – Refreshing…
Chris 10:14 – Maybe it was over and the 9:59 missive was just an afterthought.
Chris 10:15 – I wonder what Obama is up to now. Gladhanding? I wonder if he snubs Hillary as hardcore as he did the last SotU
Chris 10:15 – That reminds me, its been two years since the last SotU. I wonder how many times Chris Matthews has mentioned that.
Chris 10:16 – You are a douche Nick
Chris 10:17 – He’s back.
Chris 10:18 – FP boilerplate was to be expected.
Chris 10:18 – I am more optimistic about ending DADT this year than Andrew. its too good of a wedge issue for the Dems not to throw it out either in Sept. or March during the GOP primaries. Cynical but true.
Chris 10:19 – I agree with Andrew. It will be very interesting to see what happens as Obama descalates from Iraq and shit hits the fan. Will public opinion push for a more rapid withdrawal or a near indefinite commitment? Or, as it is want to do, both at the same time?
Chris 10:22 – Is Andrew trying to draw portent out of the lack of hecklers with this constant “silence” thing?
Chris 10:22 – Why aren’t there hecklers? You would think the response to Joe Wilson in the form of money bombs would really entice some no-name cahs strapped Congressman to step out of line.
Chris 10:24 – I do like the passage Andrew quotes, even if it is fairly typical Obama self-congradulations, its done well (seen out of context of course).
Chris 10:25 – My impression of the speech via Andrew is roughly similar to Andrew’s, though I think it was much more boilerplate than Andrew seems to think it was. Maybe the parts that weren’t quoted were better?
Chris 10:27 – Also, why is everyone acronymizing it SOTU? “of the” are lowercase bitches. This should be like ALttP or SotC.
Chris 10:29 – Of course by everyone I mean Andrew.
Chris 10:29 – And Wikipedia.
Chris 10:30 – I really don’t get the line about the cynicism and the ideology corrupting America. Aren’t people who blindly follow ideology against reality called idealists and fundamentally not cynics. But this is more of that new-agey “the real problem is everyone can’t just get together and agree with me” crap Obama spun during the campaign. I guess if it worked then it should work now, right? Though we have seen a year’s worht of it not exactly coming together like that.
Chris 10:33 – I guess the speech is over now, but there have been a number of false alarms thus far, so who knows.
Chris 10:33 – Just saw Nick sprinting down the hallway. A rare sight.
Chris 10:35 – I wonder if the picture on Andrew is from the speech itself. It was up there pretty fast so it might have been from one of the previous speeches to a joint session of Congress.
Chris 10:36 – Just in case anyone is wondering, Shaun Donovan (Wiki here) becomes President in the event everyone dies tonight. I suspect Osama stays away because S-Dog does not look like someone to be triffled with.
Chris 10:39 – OK, it does not seem to be a picture from the last faux-SotU. Though Obama and Biden did have very similar colored ties on the last time (Obama=red, Biden=blue). To emphasize who is top dog? Or does the blue make Barry’s (Zuckercorn not Hussein) eyes pop.
Chris 10:41 – It looks like Andrew’s liveblog is over. I will have to infer the speech is as well.
Chris 10:42 – I like the Pyongyang and I still have half battery power left, so maybe some surfing before moving?
Chris 10:42 – I hope everyone enjoyed the Lure’s first experimentation with this new and exciting wave of the future. I think twice digested the Obama SotU comes out clearer than ever before. It certainly is more more interesting this way. And more mucusy.
Chris 10:44 – I am still in work clothes but changing means leaving the Pyongyang. Hmmmmm.
Chris 10:45 – Ok, moving. Goodbye Pyongyang. Goodbye usable internet connection. I am sad the rest of the Luresaphs never joined in on the liveblog. Maybe next time dudes. Maybe next time.


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