Posted by: Chris | January 21, 2010

Zelda Wii

Despite Metroid being the only series of Nintendo’s “Big Three” I consider myself a fan of and Super Mario Galaxy being probably my favorite Wii game, I find myself strangely unenthused about their incipent follow-ups.  Instead, most of my Wii hype is flowing towards the still murky upcoming Zelda game.  Perhaps its because of how little information is revealed about it, which gives me a blank canvas to project my hopes onto.  Perhaps its because Eiji Aonuma has put out three console Zeldas that were all brilliant, but flawed each in their own way, which leaves hope that perhaps he can put all the pieces together and really deliver a masterpiece.  I don’t know.  But I can heartily endorse this list of changes that Wii Zelda certainly needs.

For those who don’t want to read the whole thing, it basically boils down to: less linearity, less hand-holding/storytelling, more optional content, fewer load screens, a more vibrant world with personable NPCs, fewer dungeons/enemies, fewer tropes.  It seems like he wants something in the vein of Majora’s Mask, but with less transparent shittiness, which is pretty much my ideal outcome as well.  I would also like to endorse his proposition to make the end-of-dungeon boss battles, if they must exist, more meaningful than “beat random oversized baddie.”  Okami and Metroid Prime do this very well by foreshadowing encounters and giving context for why they take place.



  1. I see a few ideas running behind his suggestions.

    One is a style of game mechanics – continuous-loading, more interconnection of areas (fewer standalone dungeons), some fairly incoherent ramblings about controls, close up over-the-shoulder camera… they’re very much the sort of suggestions I’d expect for an early-2000s third-person shooter, and for the most part I strongly disagree. I’ve seen those tricks used before, and they generally turn out gimmicky at best, interfering at worst.

    One has to do with details. Specifically, there should be more of them. Animals, doo-dads, little side-quests, carefully-considered NPCs, a high density of quests, an active world. I couldn’t agree more with this set of suggestions.

    Another has to do with the combat. More one-on-one swordfights, open-air boss-fights, stronger but fewer enemies. I’d also agree with this set of suggestions.

    Beyond that, most of his suggestions I could care less about either way (which means I’d probably prefer the game more if they didn’t include them, and instead spent the time on adding detail and improving the quality of enemy encounters).

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