Posted by: captainfalcon | January 8, 2010


Apropos the crypto-theistic, neo-mystical, anti-enlightened ludditery to which Christoph linked (embrace the singularity, Chris – what would Dawkins do?) , here’s another bad idea:

The aim of one company that blends high technology and behavioral psychology is hinted at in its name, WeCU – as in “We See You.”

The system that Israeli-based WeCU Technologies has devised and is testing in Israel projects images onto airport screens, such as symbols associated with a certain terrorist group or some other image only a would-be terrorist would recognize, said company CEO Ehud Givon.

The logic is that people can’t help reacting, even if only subtly, to familiar images that suddenly appear in unfamiliar places. If you strolled through an airport and saw a picture of your mother, Givon explained, you couldn’t help but respond.

The reaction could be a darting of the eyes, an increased heartbeat, a nervous twitch or faster breathing, he said.

Strikes me we’re overdue to project terrorist imagery in airports. My vote’s for a mosaic of the USS Cole. Or maybe some Mohammad cartoons.


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