Posted by: captainfalcon | January 7, 2010

More Cool Links

1. Keith Whittington’s “The New Originalism” (you will be able to follow the most sophisticated – in fairness, they’re rarely sophisticated – discussions of the history and arguments for originalism after reading this).

2. Jim Manzi has an interesting article – “Keeping America’s Edge” – that I figured someone around here should point out.

A housekeeping addendum: instead of updating JJ-bait, we should just be scrupulous about filing all these posts with the (rather workmanlike) “best of the web” tag. (I’ve done so for all posts-like-this to date.)

Update: Tags and categories are both completely useless for intra-blog organizational purposes. Click on either and you get linked to some inelegant compilation of quasi-arbitrary shit.



  1. Miles, we should make a tag that would be unique to the Lure, that way the rest of WordPress does not interfere. Something like “Capt. Trunk’s Best of the Web.”

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