Posted by: captainfalcon | January 1, 2010

You always take my bait

Friedrich Nietzsche (I’ll read a little Nietzsche…a little Nozick…) has chutzpah. This (from The Genealogy of Morals) is the best Jewish conspiracy theory evar (Supposedly its etched over the entrance to CFR’s basement synagogue):

Jesus of Nazareth, the gospel of love made flesh, the “reedemer,” who brought blessing and victory to the poor, the sick, the sinners – what was he but temptation in its most sinister and irresistible form, bringing men by a roundabout what to precisely those Jewish values and renovations of the [aristocratic] ideal? Has not Israel, precisely by the detour of this “redeemer,” this seeming antagonist and destroyer of Israel, reached the final goal of its sublime vindictiveness? Was it not a necessary feature of a truly brilliant politics of vengeance, a far-sighted, subterranean, slowly and carefully planned vengeance, that Israel had to deny its true instrument publicly and nail him to the cross like a mortal enemy, so that “the whole world”…might naively swallow the bait?

Jesus is a Zionist plot.



  1. Dear god I am blinded by its brilliance.

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