Posted by: captainfalcon | December 31, 2009


It occurs to me that the only expertise everyone on this blog shares in common / has is in reading the Internets. So we could probably put together a nifty compilation of cool-shit-with-staying-power. If the prospect tickles you, just add to the list (don’t post in comments). Here, in no particular order, are a few of mine (I will make additions as more occur (to me)):

1. The Supreme Court Phalanx

2. Who Lincoln Was

3. Beyond the Mat

4. “Lock-Keeper”

5. Something in praise of melancholy

6. Decline of the West (review of Brother West)

7. Parody of Straussian Rhetoric

8. Fart in the Duck

9. George Orwell’s essay on Salvador Dali

10. The Best Blog on the Internet



  1. Good idea. Will try to think of some

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  3. […] housekeeping addendum: instead of updating JJ-bait, we should just be scrupulous about filing all these posts in the (rather workmanlike) “best […]

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