Posted by: Chris | December 30, 2009

The Wii’s Most Underrated Selling Point

I really think people underestimate how good the Virtual Console/WiiWare combination really is, especially for people like me who never really owned a pre-Gamecube Nintendo console.  I have probably put more hours into the downloadable Wii singleplayer this year than I have in Wii retail games, and I haven’t yet bought many of the things that came out this year that I am interested in

Downloadable games in general tend to require lower investments from developer and consumer alike, allowing both to take risks on interesting concepts that would not have been published in retail games.  But for whatever reason, while the PSN and Live Arcade have been languishing, the WiiWare has come out with all sorts of cool stuff.   I don’t know if its because of the low system requirements mean developers don’t feel bad putting out games with sub-cutting-edge graphics, the innovative and PC-esque control scheme drawing in people like Telltale and 2D Boy to make PC-ports, the supposed ease of Flash development on the Wii hardware, or simply the proven market for quirky Wii games at retail.

Whatever the explanation, next year’s WiiWare lineup has just a bunch of stuff I am looking forward to.  Phoenix Wright, WarioWare DIY, Cave Storyand all come to mind, but there’s some other stuff out there with the potential to be unavoidably good, like Super Meat Boy and whatever Telltale is up to.  Plus there is this game, which seems to have been localized simply to antagonize/turn on the Westboro Church.  I am apparently not alone in thinking this.  Destructiod’s most wanted for the Wii in 2010 is half WiiWare, while the 360 and PS3 were all retail (this could also be a comment on the shittiness of the Wii’s retail offerings).  Plus, they pointed me to this video (which really must be watched if you have read this far, as its the only interesting link in the post), adding another game to the must-buy list.


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