Posted by: captainfalcon | December 24, 2009

Witch Chris Hath Wrought

If you follow the rabbit hole from Christoph’s post you discover that the Kennebec County Democrats is an occultist front for those (two of them, at least) who worship Hecate at the Immanent Grove (located at 2328 Bog Road in Sidney, ME). Hecate is very imposing:


But her bark is worse than her bite.



  1. Oh man, the Kennebec Record is amazing. I think this may be my favorite quote of the bunch:

    “Of course, no infants are being sacrificed in Sidney, but the heart-felt dedication that Rita Moran and other Democrats show in defending the practice of abortion is strange, indeed. ”

    Nick, do you think the Dunn family would oppose an outing to the pagan shrine when we all go up for Easter?

  2. Did you see the picture at the very bottom of the article you quote[1]? Hein apparently caught Moran in flagrante delicto. (The picture is titled “Moran Close Up,” and should be compared with the one at [2].)



  3. […] Family Policy Council at least.  Not only is gay marriage likely to become the law of the land, paganism has gone bipartisan.  If the Republican Party is no longer a bastion of monotheistic faiths (at […]

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