Posted by: Chris | December 1, 2009

Destructoid reads the Lure

Probably not, but they seem to have addressed all the complaints we had about the “Best of ’00” lists:

  1. Make the list longer than 15-20.  Fifty seems like a reasonable enough number to choose.
  2. Have only one game per series (no more 5 GTAs per list).  Melee gets chosen over Brawl already, for any Lurers who care.
  3. Also limit the number of spiritual successor type games too (Only one Bioware game for example)
  4. Actually play a lot of games.  No more lists with nothing but PS2 games or things from last decade.

Should be worth keeping an eye on.  I wonder if its top 20 will beat out the least bad ones chosen last time.

Update: Having gone through the first twenty, I wonder what exactly the next thirty will subsist of.  Seriously, Prince of Persia, Bioshock, Bioware, Final Fantasy, Braid, SSB, GuitarHero/RockBand, Psychonauts and a third of Orange Box all before we hit the top twenty?  Were there other good games that came out this decade?  What else is left for them to pick?  The other two thirds of Orange Box, GTA, Bethesda, Ico/SotC, Resident Evil, the Mario-Metroid-Zelda trinity, and Metal Gear are basically the only givens I can think of left, and thats just ten.  Mayhaps this list will be awful after all…



  1. Personal theory: Everyone has forgotten that BG2 was actually released this decade. While I can see how some might not agree with me that it was the best Bioware game this decade, it certainly seems odd that Jade Empire and Mass Effect got shout-outs in the KotOR entry, but BG2 didn’t.

    Or it might be a lure, and they might be planning on also tossing in BG2 later on. I can at least hope.

  2. -Add WoW to that list of givens you have there.
    -Some sort of RTS game is probably going to make the list, but I can’t think which. Age 3, Warcraft 3, CoH, C&C, and the list goes on… but while I might call one of them the best RTS of the decade, I’d have to think long and hard before calling any one of those one of the best overall games this decade.
    -Halo will probably pop up somewhere like a persistent weed.

    There are also 5-10 other games I thought about that I wouldn’t be shocked if they included, although they don’t necessarily jump out to me as shoo-ins.

  3. RE: BG2, I suspect you are right. It, Deus Ex, and Majora’s Mask have gotten short shrift in these types of lists for being released in 2000. 2000 is an especially bad year because, not only was it 9 years ago, but it was right at the transition point between console generations. Three consoles released in 2001 and the Dreamcast’s big splash was in 1999, so the only games worth remembering are the last gasps of the N64 and late-90’s golden age of PC gaming, both of which get understandably lumped with the previous decade in people’s recollection.

  4. RE: RTS’s. Possibly, but I doubt it. I would not be suprised if Pikmin gets a mention, possibly CoH (boo) or one of the Total Wars, but I would have expected to see them already, especially given the console specific nature of the list so far (has their been a game mentioned that was exclusively PC-based?). The others, while certainly more worthy of a mention than CoH/Pikmin/TW, are mostly known for their quality amongst RTS fans and are overshadowed by their more popular late-90’s predecessors in the popular view.

    I forgot about WoW. Yeah, its a shoo-in. Halo, possibly, but I hope not. The nominal author of this list just a couple of weeks ago wrote an article about playing Halo for the first time and filled it with backhanded compliments of the “its not as awful as I thought” variety, so that might be a good sign.

    Just curious, what were the other games you were thinking of? Beyond Good and Evil I know you like and I can bet it gets a mention higher up than you might suspect (its an in-house favorite at Destructiod). I personally am still hunting for the original Gamecube version and hoping Ubisoft gets smart and just ports it to the Wii like everyone else.

  5. Here’s some titles I know of and wouldn’t be surprised if they included. Not necessarily on my list, but ones I could at least see their argument for, in roughly descending order of plausibility…
    Diablo 2
    Beyond Good and Evil
    Black and White
    The Sims
    God of War
    Deus Ex
    Wii Sports
    Thief: Deadly Shadows

  6. If I had to bet, BGE, Okami, The Sims, GoW and possibly Wii Sports had the best chance (in the same order you chose them). Black and White is not very good and Molyneux has made more higher profile games for people to chose. Deus Ex I mentioned earlier and I think Diablo 2 and Thief 3 will be overshadowed by their late-90’s brethren in the public’s eye (not unlike WC3 or Age3).

    I fear a bunch of the slots we haven’t guessed will go to a variety of JRPGs, as thats the sort of thing they like in them parts. I bet Nintendo gets more than one RPG slot (Mother 3 and a Mario RPG), Square gets at least one more, and the rest of the imitators get their fair share. Its really a shame, having one slot for all of Bioware, for example, or all music games and showering one subgenre, centered around one company, with a number of picks. If you look its already happened (there have been two Square games plus one game by the former head of Square).


    Predictions confirmed, so far at least. I count 3 more JRPGs and 3 esoteric Dreamcast games that hardly anyone played. Nintendo got its Mario RPG slot and Square got yet another game in. It does, however, make me much more interested in the incipent WiiWare Cave Story rerelease.

  8. Meanwhile, the crispygamer tourney-style best game selection I mentioned earlier has come up with a fairly impressive top-32. They may be missing a few games I think they ought to include, but almost all the games in there are worthy candidates. I disagree with a total of two entries in the first three divisions, and four in the last division. I’m also amused by the way they seeded it, as it’s lead to some amusing match-ups this round.

    Latest link…

  9. I commend their initial list, but opening the question to a general vote is hardly the best way to get to the bottom of these sorts of things, especially not with a poorly seeded bracket system. I predict the popular multiplayer games (Melee, Halo, Gears) do very well, as they are want to, despite being not very good in the grand scheme of things.

    On the other hand, Gamespy did something very similar to this a while ago, but with a wider range of games. Half-Life 2 won, if I recall correctly, beating out Super Mario 3, not a bad final outcome (though I believe Halo was too close to winning for the result to be considered commendable). Anyway, despite their JRPG biases, I think Destructoid will produce a better list than will this experiment in internet democracy.


    Despite two more JRPGs (and a definitely misplaced Pikmin), I think the list is turning out pretty well. The next set will certainly be some combo of Mario Galaxy, Half-Life 2, Portal, SotC, and RE4, hopefully plus no Halo.

  11. Plus, the Zelda entry came down to Majora’s Mask vs the Windwaker and they never even mentioned Twilight Princess as a contender. This is a good thing.


    I think the list turns out pretty well in the end, and I suspect that you would agree with me (despite the lack of Baldur’s Gate). It is definitely the best list of the lot, proving that making a good “end of decade list” is not impossible and that our suggestions for the other lists were quite reasonable.

    I think my only significant complaint would be the preference for JRPGs over WRPGs, but replacing a Square game of your choice with a Bioware/Bethesda game seems like a quick and easy rectifier that doesn’t hurt the overall quality of the list.

  13. Someday I’ve got to play SotC.

    Overall an excellent list – although it’s top-20 is good but nothing special, I think we were agreed that it’s a Sisyphean task to decide on the top-20 as opposed to simply the top tier (which is more or less what a top-50 is).

    I noticed that only one game from 2009 (Uncharted 2) made their list, and I’m trying to decide if there really were no other GOTD-worthy games in there, or if more will probably shine with a few more year of perspective.

    has a pretty good list of basically any potential candidates.

  14. Except for Uncharted and possibly Assassin’s Creed’s follow up, I don’t think there have been any standouts this year (at least in terms of the big name titles). Modern Warfare cleared out the holiday release line up and Valve/Nintendo/Capcom and the other blue chip developers all played it safe with remakes and rereleases.

    The Wiki page needs more Excitebots.

  15. And the final 2 for the crispygamer selection is Halo vs. Melee, with Halo looking like the favorite.

  16. Prediction confirmed.

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