Posted by: Chris | November 29, 2009

A Different Take on Corzine’s Defeat

I have been driving through New Jersey a lot this break and thus have listened to a lot of NJ 101.5.  For those who don’t know, NJ 101.5 is basically the Jersey shore in photon form: just crass talk and 80’s music.  Its a bit of an institution in the state, especially in Central Jersey and by the shore, where the cultural pull (and signal strength) of Philly/NYC is weakest and “Jersey pride” such as it is is strongest.  Anyway, it seems the radio station, which is never really explicitly political, has been consistently attacking Corzine for a while now.  On top of that, Corzine apparently declined to partake in the regular “Ask the Governor” show for the entirety of its tenure, which they seem have taken quite personally, as they have in nearly every commercial break trumpeted the return of the segment in the most hyperbolic terms possible in the incipent Christie administration.  Christie apparently promised to participate if elected.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole brouhaha (which I haven’t seen reported elsewhere when people are discussing the election results) helped cost Corzine his job.

As a test of the basic plausibility of this theory, I checked out the county-by-county election results for Corzine vs those for Obama the year previous.  Sure enough, Central Jersey (except for Mercer, where Princeton’s latte liberals and the Trenton party machine delivered the countyagainst the prevailing winds of the surrounding towns) and the shore swung heavily towards Christie compared to the Obama returns.  Middlesex County, where I live, swung the sharpest of any county in New Jersey, giving Obama a full 22% margin and Christie a 4% margin, with usually quite Democrat-friendly towns across the board switching over to throw out Corzine.  Also, Christie absolutely blew Corzine out of the water in the typically moderately-Republican shore (namely Monmouth and Ocean Counties), with massive turnout garnering Christie a 60,000 vote lead in each county, each more than the entire Corzine vote count in all but two counties and combined more than Corzine’s total votes in any county.  It really does possible that radio-induced beatdown on Corzine in Central Jersey (if it even exists) could have cost him the election.

PS: The best part of 101.5 is definitely the Brad Benson ads, which are uniformly retarded but exceptionally kickass.  The one playing this week (which I absolutely cannot find on the interwebs) was about how his cars would cure erectile dysfunction and give people a permentant boner.


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