Posted by: i82much | November 27, 2009

Hey, crazy people. Post in forums

Maybe the patriarchy should hand the reigns of humanity to Woman.. to the matriarchy, for a pleasant change… Maybe Woman can pull us out of our self-extinction path and fall and pit..? I hope!.. If no one does, the we have passed to point of no-return… In a few years we will have lost our last window of escape… By 70,000 we will be cannibals… By 146,000 we are extinct.. just billions of sun-bleached skeletons… From where I sees it, I know Woman could fix the earth… It’s just that the patriarchy doesn’t have the balls to do the right thing, and admit it failed, and has us falling into Hell…

The year 2000 was the year the Matriarchy was to take the throne… We wouldn’t be in this mess if the matriarchy was boss in 2000… We are past “the point of no return” by 9-years… Maybe it can be fixed..?
Humanity is falling down hell’s gullet… Everybody is mostly worried about how they’re gonna get their next rush, and what do, they need, that will make them have “solid movements”… whilst hell claws and chews on our heals…
It’s as if we are in “extinction’s meat grinder”…

HeY!.. I’ve got Mint… Mint is made of love.. I don’t need anything else…


Lots more where that came from.


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