Posted by: Chris | November 25, 2009

Annals of Good Lists

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Not only is the list comically small, the choices are pretty awful too.  Seriously, Ico but no Shadows of Colossus.  Two Valve games but no Half-Life 2.  Katamari Damacy, Final Fantasy XII, and Advanced Wars are all do some nifty things, but really hard to even imagine some one classifying them as the best games of the past ten years.  I mean FFXII gets praised for clumsily implementing something (nonrandom battles) that has been a staple for even JRPGs forever.  I also think I liked Ninja Gaiden more than most, but even I wouldn’t consider it one of the best games of the decade.

No games from the Wii, Gamecube, DS, PSP, or original Xbox/PS3 exclusives suggests to me that the reviewer has a pretty narrow experience base to chose from, namely some games on the PS2 and Xbox360 and a little casual gaming on the PC.  Plus, the justifications are pretty bad for most.  The paragraph about Fallout 3 makes it quite unclear why that game is any different from any other RPG ever made.

One more thing: Half the time they credit the developers for games (Rockstar over Take Two, Bethesda over 2k) and half the time they credit the publishers (Nintendo over Intelligent Systems, Sony over Team Ico, MTV over Harmonix).  Sloppy writing by people who obviously could not careless.



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