Posted by: i82much | November 17, 2009

Amusing Aardvark Q&As

To those of you that don’t know, Aardvark is a site that lets you ask/answer questions.  You specify areas that you might know something about, and site will attempt to match you to those questions.  Here are the most amusing exchanges I’ve eavesdropped on recently:


Question from Mike:
“My wife is on her missed period 6th day were always using condoms a few times we didnt but i always pull out, anyways should we be worried, how long after missed period should she takr a pregnancy test and in how long does a morning sickness start? Or any other symptoms to look for???”

Answer from a friend (27/M/Philadelphia,PA):
“wait 2 weeks”

Question from Itamar:
“What is the best way to induce labor at home?”

Answer from a friend (F/Hamden,CT):
“Really a child will ccome when they are ready. My son was two weeks late.  I ate spicy food had rough sex took longs walks and nothing. Just relax and let nature do its thing.”


I wonder if people realize that everyone on the site can see what you answer to questions?



  1. Nick, might I ask why you are suddenly so interested in pregnancy-related questions?

  2. […] too hard I posted previously some exchanges from, the site that attempts to match people who know about topics with the questions […]

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