Posted by: Chris | October 25, 2009

Best Movie Evar?

I present to you my nominee.  It discusses an absolutely fascinating question: where in central New Jersey does North Jersey stop and South Jersey begin.  My preemptive answer is the D&R canal, but I want to see what evidence this guy brings to the table for his theory.  Here are some reviews.

Update time:  I found the guy’s blog, which goes really in-depth into the issue.  For example, here’s where he decides definitively that I am part of North Jersey.  I might argue that this is more of a reflection of his stance in the east/west Mercer County split (being a Trentonian rather than a Princetonian).  I think that this bias causes the line between N/S Jersey to take a rather longitudinal turn in the western half of the state.  As further proof, this post suggests portions of Hunterton and Warren counties are considered “south”, despite being some of the most northerly counties in the state.  I used to work in Warren county and it was an hour and a half drive almost due north to get from putative North Jersey to the putative South.  I think we can discount the Pennsylvania quirks of the northern Delaware Valley as simply reflecting the preferences of the neighbors across the river rather than their affiliations with the southern portion of the state, which might also buy into certain Penn-based linguistic traits.

I think the best line would be still based around the D&R canal, but using the northern terminus (the Raritan river) as the end of North Jersey and the southern terminus (circa Trenton) as the end of South Jersey and the small swath they leave to be an indeterminate mixing ground between the two.  But definitely check out his blog, because he has a ton of cool maps.

Update 2:  Read the comments on the Central Jersey Wiki page.  Jesus, to think I was obsessed with these things.  Also, apparently the dude is writing a book.  Finally, some more interesting maps: by old area code and by driving time.  Despite their strong similarities, I end up north in one and south in another.



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