Posted by: Chris | October 16, 2009

Liberal Fetishization of Darwin

Even though everyone seems to have temporarily abandoned ship, I am still going to soldier on with useless observations.  Via Fresno Evolving (which has unfortunately been co-opted and renamed), I found a link to this project, which sets passages of Origins of Species to music.  Perhaps I am assuming to much of the creators of this monstrosity, but this reminds me a lot of the Rachel Maddow video I linked to earlier.  Both seem to use Darwin (and evolutionary biology more generally) as a prop to reflexively drag around to show how enlightened or civilized they are, thanks to their acceptance of a scientific theory largely due to their political affiliations.  None of this is really about the science of things (Watson and Crick never got set to music or recieved a special segment on MSNBC), but simply a appropriation of a branch of science as cudgel in the larger culture wars.  Perhaps the creationists are to blame ultimately (as it would not be a political issue for liberal secularists if it were made political issue first by religionists of all stripes), but consistency demands we condemn the politicization of science by liberals just as strongly as we do when the religious types do it.



  1. […] biology in particular, as code for one’s sophistication far more clearly and succinctly than I could: I encounter people who very definitely believe in evolution, who sneer at the folly of […]

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