Posted by: maroonmaurader | October 7, 2009

A better new Sonic game




  1. JJ, I honestly do not get the latest posting. The person took a 16-bit image of Sonic and posted it thrice over 8-bit Pacmen. It does not even fit the proportions of the maze. Or is the humor in how bad it is, and yet still gets posted on a major website.

    If its the later, the following posting ( has got it beat. Yay, finally computers will be able to make shitty Photoshops just like me. Sorry, Nick. Not everything you see on the internet has potential.

  2. Hey Sonic link:

  3. Chris is just grumpy. I get it. I think it’s funny. Not a roflcopter – not even a haha – “heh” covers it just about right. It elegantly signals just how fundamentally pathetic Pacman (qua the chomping face, not qua the game) is, and gives anyone who felt terror in the face of (usually) Blinky a little twinge of shame.

  4. I take it then it was aimed more at the Pacman crowd (a game which I very seldom ever touched) than the Sonic crowd, hence why I did not understand the “joke.”

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