Posted by: Chris | October 2, 2009

Jon Stewart Hurts America


Via Andrew, I found an interesting post by Dan Drezner. Apparently the anniversary of Jon Stewart’s tongue-lashing of Tucker Carlson on Crossfire (which, btw, should not be remembered for any incisiveness on Jon’s part but for Carlson’s repeated self-lures). Drezner laments the passing of shows like Crossfire and the Capital Gang because, no matter how superfluous and unedifying they were, they were superior to the single-commentator style that succeeded it, for at least partisans were exposed to multiple viewpoints on subjects. While his timeline is a bit wonky (Bill-O was and had been king of cable for many years in 2004), the passing of ridiculous debate shows certainly allowed for more space on schedules for ridiculous one-man shows. At least, no matter what happens, the show with the hardest talk and best sources will always remain on the air.

Also, on a related note, Christopher Hitchens is real bitter. Apparently, since Al Franken is also a comedian and Jon Stewart 11 years ago wrote an essay savaging the Kennedy family, Jon is an unfunny liberal partisan and the Daily Show hurts America. I am tempted to write a letter to the editor.



  1. From Hitchens…
    “It certainly works very well with audiences who laugh not because they find something to be funny, but to confirm that they are—and who can doubt it?—cool enough to “get” the joke.”

    Next paragraph…
    “He is really quite witty—which is much better than being funny—when he is being purely political.”

  2. […] the internet or Fox or wherever really done in the “roundtable chat show” model, as Dan Drezner suggested earlier?  Or is it perhaps a more subtle shift, with Bill O’Maddow and co. […]

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