Posted by: i82much | September 27, 2009

Three felonies a day

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting story about how the laws in America are becoming so vague and no longer requiring intent, that one expert estimates the average American commits 3 felonies a day.  I thought it interesting in light of our discussion about Russia having intentionally impossible to follow tax laws.

I think the examples they give are great, especially about the Internet:

Other misunderstandings of the Web criminalize the exercise of First Amendment rights. A Saudi student in Idaho was charged in 2003 with offering “material support” to terrorists. He had operated Web sites for a Muslim charity that focused on normal religious training, but was prosecuted on the theory that if a user followed enough links off his site, he would find violent, anti-American comments on other sites. The Internet is a series of links, so if there’s liability for anything in an online chain, it would be hard to avoid prosecution.

It’s really terrifying to think that you could be convicted of a crime because your peers are too stupid to understand how the Internet works.



  1. Yeah, those idiots don’t know how light and fragile the Internet can be. Good thing they can’t get to Big Ben easily from Idaho.

  2. But London Bridge is just a short hop away (

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