Posted by: i82much | September 19, 2009

Overheard on Facebook

Stephen W. Smith has either had the most pathetic or most epically awesome dream ever! I was a D&D monk trying to rescue Captain Picard and Data from the Death Star



  1. Oh Steve. Probably the worst part of leaving Howell was we never got a chance to see much of Steve in his “Lion in Winter” phase at the house. Probably the best part was not seeing Steve’s tighty-whiteys during the same period. Either that or not hearing Anthony’s voice.

  2. As Henry II used to say, “when the king is up, all are at attention!” Applies well to Steve-in-the-buff. Likewise, another Henryism, “you will have what Daddy gives you.”

    Lion in Winter is coming down to. Excellent film.

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