Posted by: maroonmaurader | September 8, 2009

Starcraft 2 custom maps

Apparently Blizzard is including an extremely powerful custom mapmaker in SC2 – so much so that in their spare time designers are actually making maps with it which are not even RTS games (TPS, RPG, arcade…).

Powerful it certainly is, and I’m sure a few excellent maps/games will be made with it. However, I’m actually mildly irked by this as I’m concerned it will clutter the new with too many UMS games and make it harder to get into a good standard SC2 game.



  1. Your fears are not unfounded JJ. I too have seen the overabundance of custom scenerios and the like cripple many RTS online communities and I have no doubt that SC2 will succumb to the same. The question is simply how long it will take. I suspect if Blizzard is vigilant in keeping the various game types separate on and a vibrant and constantly churning “normal” game community stays active (similar to what has sustained SC1 for all these years), I don’t think that the detrimental effects of scenerio glut will destroy the game for a long time. It seemed on the Zone, for example, a stale RM metagame and virtually nonexistent segregation between game types killed both Age2 and SWGB.

    A deeper question is this: if game developers actively design their online setup to surpress nontraditional map types from overtaking the traditional game in popularity, is that wrong? If players seem to gravitate towards certain game types (say, SC2 becomes mostly filled with Quake cloned shooters), why should developers or the minority RTS lovers impinge on a clearly organic and democratic process? Any Cato-ites in the audience want to weigh in?

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