Posted by: i82much | September 7, 2009

Plagiarism goes “free”

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Are you having trouble writing your term paper, research paper, or essay? If so, you’re not alone! Writing an original paper can be difficult and time-consuming, but has a huge online library of free essays and free term papers on almost any topic.

So goes the opening pitch on

This statement makes me violently angry.  The whole POINT of writing original papers is that they are supposed to be challenging and time-consuming.  Why would people willingly sabotage their education by using a service like this?  The FAQ is disingenuous as all hell:

Is this plagiarism? Submitting papers to a website and reviewing other users’ papers is not plagiarism; submitting another’s work as your own is plagiarism. Please never turn in any articles from this website as your own.
Could you write an example paper for me? Yes, we offer a custom essay writing service. Please only use our custom essays as examples for your own essay.

The one consolation I have in my righteous indignation is that any competent university is going to have software to search for and detect plagiarism and the assholes who use this service are going to get screwed.

Tangentially related, I saw an interesting technology demonstration last night.  The author notes that one potential use of the technique would be

to prevent plagiarism for English assignments, because it provides the equivalent of “showing your work” in math.

What do you think?



  1. The other saving grace: the papers are probably terrible.

    “‘Moreover, the fortune that Gatsby did amount was gained through criminal activities as he had experienced the finer things in life and wished to have a better social position, again he knew that this could only be gained through the status of wealth, in this way Gatsby sought to win the heart of the woman he had fallen in love with, Daisy.””

  2. If you require EtherPad files to prevent plagiarism, some site like OPPapers will start offering EtherPad files as “examples for your own essay.”

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