Posted by: captainfalcon | September 6, 2009

The Problem of Weevil

Which of these is the most plausible response to the problem of natural evil? (Can they even be ranked?)

1. Tsunamis happen because devils make them happen, and God can’t stop devils from causing tsunamis for the same reason he can’t stop humans from causing holocausts (viz. because he is forbidden, for whatever reason, from interfering with their freedom).

2. God causes Tsunamis – or allows them to occur – because he aims to punish man for his ancestors’ Edenic transgressions.

3. It’s not a problem. God knows so much more than we do that we should expect, from our limited vantage, that some of his actions (and nonactions) will appear paradoxical.

Relatedly, Peter Singer, somewhere in this thoroughly entertaining (for those of a certain sort of fun-averse caste of mind) debate, points out an interesting problem for those who want to maintain (2). Tsunamis harm non-human animals (like weevils!) as well as humans. So, if their point is to punish descendants of Adam and Eve, then either God is guilty of overkill or animals are, in some sense, ancestors of the first folk.

That’s the sort of evolution nobody can get behind.

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  1. I think youtube misses slightly on “related videos” for part 5…

  2. Hmm…I had no idea it would actually display the video, instead of just providing a link. Just go to the youtube page.

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