Posted by: Chris | August 30, 2009


This looks like a rather fun game:

Hopefully it allows for more than 2 players.



  1. Nice idea. If you could give characters sufficient control over their movements, and make the movements of generic characters detailed and varied enough, it could become the first genre-founding game I can think of in close to a decade. Unfortunately, I don’t think this one will execute.
    For a game like this to be done right, I’d think you’d have to have very high-quality character animations and excellent maps / background settings, which means a reasonably high-budget project. You’d also need fairly sophisticated AI controlling the movement of the party guests so the spy actually feels like he’s trying to blend in with people, not with characters on a random walk. That speaks to a long development time and lots of testing. Add in the fact that it’s so new that the odds aren’t that good of the first effort working anyways, plus the fact that this is going to be an indie game possibly done primarily by one developer, and this looks like it will at best be proof-of-concept.

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