Posted by: i82much | August 30, 2009

Office 2007 – Death of Blue Screen

Miles aka captainfalcon alerted me to the fact that Office 2007 no longer has the white text on blue background option.  Fortunately I don’t use too much Word at work, so I hadn’t noticed it, but this is bullshit.  I detail my thoughts in more depth on my personal blog.



  1. Miles. Isn’t that the unhygienic muthafucka played me for fewl on airbase? Your conflation is understandable – the only difference between aerie and faerie is an “F” (as in captain Falcon, see where I’m going with this?) – but make it again and I’ll make a falcon punch out of you, fruit.

    Also, you smell what I smell? It’s blawgwar. (He with the schneider comment wins.)

  2. Nick, posting on your personal blog is disallowed. I hereby punish you with four more days of Elise, commencing tomorrow.

    As for making my comment schneiderier:

    I win.

  3. As for the original post:

    ‘Tis a shame. The white on blue saved my eyes many a late night. Just one more reason not to switch to Vista/Office 2007/IE7.

    I do approve of the post title (perhaps the only clever thing to have graced “The Lure” thus far) and the use of “myopic” in the blog-that-shall-not-be-named, so I think you might have lessened your sentence by two days.


    Remember to set your text back to black before printing, or print on blue paper.

    If you find this tedious, it ought to be possible to make this into your default template, write a macro for printing which automatically changes all text to black before opening the print dialogue, and hotkey this to ctrl-p; you can do similarly with changing all text to black before saving and ctrl-s so you don’t email a document with white text by accident.

    Side note: I wanted to check to make sure this sort of macro was still supported, and somehow ended up here:

    Can someone explain what happened in the comments section?

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